"The Bird" - 1964
What appears to start as a casual stroll turns into an unusual encounter  continuing into a more than average "boy meets girl" sketch, all rendered in a rather unique free form style.
"The Top" - 1964
A sometimes abstract viewpoint on the steps on the steps involved in getting to the so-called "top." Colorful and somewhat bizarre characters keep this film driving. *
 "Breath" - 1968
This short film is rendered in a most unusual brush technique embracing a rather imperceptive storyline. The soundtrack is overwhelming -- you might say "breath" taking. This film won the Grand Prix Award at the Annecy Animation Film Festival. *
"The Box" - 1968
Seven minute animated short: Festival award winner at the 1968 Festival d'Annecy in France, Fred Wolf was presented with the Academy Award for Best Animated Short in 1968, it was viewed at film festivals around the world.

(*) Produced and directed by Jimmy Murakami, Murakami Wolf Swensen

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