"The strongest credential Fred Wolf Films has to offer is excellent quality films... produced on time... on budget with the primary focus on excellence." 

Fred Wolf, President

The core of Fred Wolf Films' business is in the conceptual development and production of animated films.

We are equally at home with the warm and fuzzy characters from the "Dinobabies" as we are with the action/adventure oriented "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Sinbad" and "Zorro."

Our strength lies in our ability to successfully work within a broad range of production specifications, from feature-length theatrical films to half-hour series for TV broadcast, as well as 30-second commercials produced for advertising purposes.

For the past few years, Fred Wolf Films has actively sought co-productions within the European Union community and have successfully co-produced several projects to date. Our current capacity for production is approximately seventy-five half-hour episodes a year.

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